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'Waking Up With The World On Fire'

... exotic songs that will reshape your inner thoughts into ancient voices, drawing you further upon a story of harmony, suspense and mystery, a mirror into mythical worlds of your making ...
75% of what you see is what you hear
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JAN 2018 :: Album Review .. TUNEDLOUD Magazine (Italy)    ,,, thank you to Jammer2 for catching the meaning the album was meant to envoke. I respect the breadth of your musical knowledge. maki.    { PDF }      { WEB-LINK }      { CHART }   
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  'Waking Up With The World On Fire' is a canvas designed for new music directions and instrumentation created by Maki.  Each song is crafted to generate a phantom, to another place and time, an emotional response with no boundary between imagination and what is heard.
  The 'World On Fire' music does not identify with any one particular music genre, although it's roots evolved from Darkwave and World Beat, with post-industrial adaptations of classical stringed and ethnic instruments, such as 'Dead Can Dance', 'Switchblade Symphony', 'Brian Eno'.
  What makes 'Waking Up With The World On Fire' more unique is it abandons known human language, replacing the human voice as a mystical, lyrical conte' drawn against ancient rhythms and night dreams. It took years to seek, refine, coalesce the signature vocals.
  This album is sequenced start to finish for a specific emotional effect. Likewise, Fans can rearrange the songs to achieve different psychological outcomes. As chapters of a book, the music can end just as happy or just as devastating as the listener wants it to go. If all you want is happy endings, your album will be shorter. The same goes for the darker choice. The wise choice is to achieve balance.
Album Notes:
  At one point in life I sold all my music instruments, studio gear, everything and gave away the rest.  Became invisible and than left the world.  Much later I was given an acoustic guitar. Thank you!  This electric memory became a new direction in music.
  We know music is fundamental by its ethereal way of communicating,,, intrinsic, knowing, mysterious, no words needed.  When a human voice joins in that sound, the mind will seek for personal, emotional, sometimes rational meaning.  Both are intrinsic genetic values, just like the glowing light surrounded in darkness, a focus of our full consciousness.  Now, choose those voices from an other world, another time, a place existing only in the imagination.
  Maki started his musical journey in smoky bars and bowling alleys in the rock, jazz, country, folk, solo, bands.  Some of them were for money and some for fun.  Since leaving the stage, Maki has been creating studio soundtracks for indie filmmakers on the west coast.  In previous times and locations he was a university artist-in-residence, aerospace geekoid, VW/VR research department developer, filmmaker, art director, sculptor and nobody you heard of before.
  "..seventy five percent of what you see is what you hear."